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Shenzhen weather forecast: 12, minimum temperature dropped to 10 ℃ or so 14 to 18

Date: 2018-02-13

Shenzhen meteorological station 2018 02 Nov. 05:22 release, affected by the cold air, 12-13, cold, warmer during the day in the morning and evening, lowest temperature around 10 ℃;Roughly 14 to 18, cloudy, the weather is warm, the fog and fog in the morning and evening.

Go to work the weather Pay attention to the wind

Is 7-9 in the morning, the city's cloudy cloudy;The temperature 12-14 ℃;Relative humidity of 50% to 60%.The north wind 3-4, coastal and highland wind 6-7 level;Visibility in 7-12 km, the weather is cool and refreshing in the morning, go out pay attention to add a piece of clothing.

The wind hint

Influenced by cold air, today the city coastal and highland maximum gust up to 6-7, please place outdoor items and wind protection.